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Multisite Changes Everything!

Multisite is a proven model for taking church to the people, but it also changes how we think of church and what is required of church leadership.  For churches who are either considering multisite or who are currently multisite, our team has designed the following intentional deliverables to help you right where you need it most. 

Multisite Overview
The Multisite Overview is a presentation with the church leadership on the basic components of going multisite. It is an exploratory and interactive overview to help church leaders understand the multisite model and the issues to address towards implementation in light of your current situation. Then you can decide if you need additional consulting help to create and implement a customized multisite strategy.
Multisite Readiness Assessment & Overview
The Multisite Readiness Assessment & Overview is for churches considering multisite. It involves attending your church services on a weekend to evaluate multisite readiness and a Multisite Overview on Monday with your church leadership on the basic components of going multisite.
Multisite Assessment & Strategic Review
For churches who are currently multisite, this assessment is designed to help churches fully maximize the multisite model. This weekend assessment involves an onsite visit to each of your campuses and a Strategic Review of multisite best practices with your team on Monday. It is followed-up with an Executive Report with specific next steps for re-calibration and full alignment of your multisite strategy with the overall vision of the church.
Multisite Strategic Planning Day
A one-day strategic planning session for key leaders to tackle specific multisite issues at your church related to staffing, structure, budgeting, philosophy or any of the other elements of a successful multisite model.


125 Tips for MultiSite Churches


Multisiting has changed how we think and do church. This book is designed to help church leaders develop and implement a multisite strategy. It is compilation of the best tips arranged in topical categories for going multisite and maximizing the multisite model.

“This book will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that happen when starting or improving a multisite ministry. Use Jim’s insights, tips and techniques so that you won’t have to repeat the failures of others.”

Dr. David R. Fletcher,
Founder and Host,
Executive Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton Church, CA

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Church Locality


The emergence of multisite strategies, resurgence of church planting and the exponential growth of giga-churches are changing the church facility conversation. All the assumptions and rules concerning the use of sacred space have shifted. Church Locality: New Rules for Church Buildings in a Multisiting, Church Planting & Giga-Church World is a helpful guidebook for church leaders to help them navigate the new rules for church buildings and utilization of existing facilities for ministry purposes.

“Church Locality takes all the guess work out of finding the right church space for pastors and church planters. Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool bring a ton of experience about a wide range of facility options. If you want to find the best space for your church to best serve your community, this is the book for you!””


Dave Ferguson,
Lead Pastor Community Christian Church
Author of Exponential, On The Verge, and Discover Your Mission Now

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"Jim Tomberlin was a huge asset to us during our recent move to multisite. His experience and expertise helped us navigate our staff and church through a church merger and greatly assisted us in the union of two churches. I highly recommend Jim to anyone prayerfully considering either mergers or multisite churches."

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

"Jim came along side Celebration Church from the very beginning of our multi-site journey. His insight, strategy, and understanding of what it takes to be a healthy church was huge to us as we began this new journey. Since partnering with Jim, we’ve gone from one church meeting in a single location, to five campuses meeting throughout Wisconsin."


"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future. Jim brought to our team a pastor’s heart with a strategist’s mind for how to understand church growth through multisites."


"Jim is one of the country’s leading thinkers on the multi-site movement."

Craig Groeschel – Lead Pastor

"If you’re planning to go multisite and want someone to walk you through implementing your strategy successfully you’ll want to connect with Jim…you won’t be disappointed."

Community Christian Church
Dave Ferguson – Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL

"He is a veteran leader, who is able to combine a wealth of knowledge with an intuitive grasp of the needs of the local pastor."

The Chapel
Scott Chapman – The Chapel, Lake Country, IL

"If your church is thinking about going multisite make sure you have Jim on your team."

Sagebrush Church
Todd Cook – Sagebush Community Church – Alberquerque, New Mexico
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