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Multi-Sightings Articles

Riverside Church Legal Batt...

Riverside Church in Big Lake, Minnesota outside of Minneapolis is one of the most vibrant, compassionate and community-friendly ch... More
Feb. 13, 2018

6 Dirty Secrets about Multisite Ch...

Courtesy of Unseminary – Rich Birch Rich Birch is a long-time friend and colleague of mine since the early days of the multisite movement. He will be joining me... More
Jan. 16, 2018

Multisite Best Practices

Courtesy of Aspen Group – Marian Liautaud In 2001, the first multisite campus launched at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, using video to share the teaching across campuses. ... More
Jan. 08, 2018

Top Posts from MultiSite...

Now in its third decade, the multisite movement continues to be a dynamic force innovating fresh expressions o... More
Dec. 26, 2017

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