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It’s a New Day for Church Mergers

Church mergers are increasingly becoming a viable option for strong, healthy churches as well as stuck or struggling churches. We can help you assess the potential of a church merger and assist you in navigating the delicate process through the following intentional deliverables.

Merger Facilitation
There are many potential benefits of a church merger, but there are also many landmines to step on and potholes to fall into on the merger journey. Most church mergers need a facilitator that both congregations can trust and who knows how to facilitate the delicate conversations that need to occur for a successful merger. We walk with you in this process and help you structure a healthy merger conversation on multiple levels that results in an informed, prayerful and clear outcome.
Merger Readiness Assessment
A weekend visit to assess the merger readiness of your church. This onsite visit will introduce your leadership to the church merger process and how to create a merger-friendly culture that makes congregations want to consider merging with your church. This assessment also introduces our process of merger investigating that can surface churches willing to have a merger conversation with your church.

"If your church is thinking about going multisite make sure you have Jim on your team."

Sagebrush Church
Todd Cook – Sagebush Community Church – Alberquerque, New Mexico

"With our Branch Creek Campus, LCBC Church is better positioned to reach more people with the good news of Jesus throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania. Having Jim Tomberlin at our side was a definite benefit..."

Lives Changed By Christ Church, Lancaster, PA
David Ashcraft – Senior Pastor

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future. Jim brought to our team a pastor’s heart with a strategist’s mind for how to understand church growth through multisites."


"He is a veteran leader, who is able to combine a wealth of knowledge with an intuitive grasp of the needs of the local pastor."

The Chapel
Scott Chapman – The Chapel, Lake Country, IL

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future."

Northview Church
Steve Poe – Lead Pastor – Northview Church – Carmel, IN

"Jim Tomberlin was a huge asset to us during our recent move to multisite. His experience and expertise helped us navigate our staff and church through a church merger and greatly assisted us in the union of two churches. I highly recommend Jim to anyone prayerfully considering either mergers or multisite churches."

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

"If you’re planning to go multisite and want someone to walk you through implementing your strategy successfully you’ll want to connect with Jim…you won’t be disappointed."

Community Christian Church
Dave Ferguson – Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL
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