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0 Comments | Dec 29, 2009

Granger Community Church

“We brought Jim alongside to help us design a workable multisite concept for Granger. We were looking for something that was economical, scalable, and reproducible. There are several reasons Jim was a great fit for us…

    – Jim is a practitioner. He’s been a lead pastor. He’s been pastoral staff member. He’s been in small and large churches. He was a pioneer in the multisite movement, and thus has on-the-ground experience.
    – Jim doesn’t have a cookie-cutter model. He has worked with churches of all kinds and helped them implement many different models. – Jim listens. He really jumped in to learn our culture and helped us create a solution that fit our unique DNA.
    – Jim has a wealth of knowledge unmatched in the multisite world. When he brainstormed with us, we began exploring a model that no one else was doing. Jim helped connect us with people around the country who could help answer our questions and calm our fears.
    – Jim clicked with our team. Chemistry and affinity is huge, and Jim was quickly comfortable with our team and became a leader of collaboration.

I’m confident we got started on a solid foundation because of the time Jim invested with us. I whole-heartedly recommend him to other church leaders every chance I get.”

Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor
Granger Community Church, Granger, Indiana

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