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How Do You Initiate a Church Merger Conversation? An Interview with Kristy Rutter

May 7, 2014

Kristy Rutter loves multiplying churches through church planting, launching multisite campuses and initiating church mergers. Kristy works with New Campus Development for The Chapel, a multisite church in the greater Chicago area. Since joining The Chapel in 2009 she has helped them grow from four to eight campuses mostly through mergers. As an Associate of MultiSite Solutions Kristy has a unique skill in helping churches find merger candidates and initiate the merger conversation. She has perfected the art of establishing Kingdom-minded relationships with area churches and developing those relationships for merger potential. Her expertise has assisted churches around the country—those wanting to explore the possibility of merging with another area church, but not knowing how to… More

New Book Release: Church Locality

April 30, 2014

I am delighted to announce the release of my latest book, Church Locality – New Rules for Church Buildings in a Multisite, Church-Planting, and Giga-Church World. Church Locality, co-authored with church facility specialist Tim Cool is designed to help church leaders leverage location and facility for maximum Kingdom impact. This new book released by Rainer Publishing is the only resource for multisite churches and church planters specifically dealing with their location and facility issues.  It is a must read for any church leader or organization considering multisite ministry, church planting or re-designing existing church facilities. The emergence of multisite strategies, resurgence of church planting and the exponential growth of giga-churches are changing the church facility… More

Everything You Need to Know About Satellite Transmission

February 13, 2014

About half of multisite churches videocast their sermons. Most of those record the message on a hard drive or dvd and drive it over to their multisite campuses. That works fine if you only have a couple of multisite campuses close by (most multisite churches have two or less additional campuses within 30 minutes driving time). If you are a videocast multisite church with a vision for more than two multisites and/or extending beyond 30 minutes driving time then you are a good candidate for utilizing satellite to deliver the awesome teaching of your gifted teaching pastor or team. Satellite transmission is the most cost effective and reliable vehicle for delivering video content across multiple… More

New Rules for Sacred Spaces

October 24, 2013

I have been in church buildings every week of my entire adult life.   I have served four churches in my three decades of being a pastor. I have rented, constructed and renovated church facilities in every one of the churches I served. For the past ten years I have consulted hundreds of churches that have rented, constructed and renovated church facilities. I have partnered with church architects and church construction companies to help build, renovate and recycle church facilities. I love church buildings and have thousands of church photos in my photo library to prove it. Here are my conclusions about church buildings. . .   Buildings don’t reach people, people reach people. Build it… More

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"He is a veteran leader, who is able to combine a wealth of knowledge with an intuitive grasp of the needs of the local pastor."

The Chapel
Scott Chapman – The Chapel, Lake Country, IL

"Jim came along side Celebration Church from the very beginning of our multi-site journey. His insight, strategy, and understanding of what it takes to be a healthy church was huge to us as we began this new journey. Since partnering with Jim, we’ve gone from one church meeting in a single location, to five campuses meeting throughout Wisconsin."


"If you’re planning to go multisite and want someone to walk you through implementing your strategy successfully you’ll want to connect with Jim…you won’t be disappointed."

Community Christian Church
Dave Ferguson – Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future."

Northview Church
Steve Poe – Lead Pastor – Northview Church – Carmel, IN

"If the Holy Spirit is in it, Jim and his team can help you develop a plan to that honors God and everyone involved."

The Bridge Church Cleveland, GA
Patrick Ballington – Lead Pastor

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future. Jim brought to our team a pastor’s heart with a strategist’s mind for how to understand church growth through multisites."


"Jim is one of the country’s leading thinkers on the multi-site movement."

Craig Groeschel – Lead Pastor
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