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New Rules for Sacred Spaces

October 24, 2013

I have been in church buildings every week of my entire adult life.   I have served four churches in my three decades of being a pastor. I have rented, constructed and renovated church facilities in every one of the churches I served. For the past ten years I have consulted hundreds of churches that have rented, constructed and renovated church facilities. I have partnered with church architects and church construction companies to help build, renovate and recycle church facilities. I love church buildings and have thousands of church photos in my photo library to prove it. Here are my conclusions about church buildings. . .   Buildings don’t reach people, people reach people. Build it… More

Church Merger Fast Facts

February 7, 2013

Better Together: Making Church Mergers Work Church Merger Fast Facts What do we know today about church mergers? In preparation for writing “Better Together:Making Church Mergers Work” Leadership Network commissioned a nation-wide survey of churches that had experienced a merger. All 15 conclusions from that survey are discussed in our book, but here are the top five facts that jumped out at us: 1. The majority of church mergers are between a “lead” church (usually larger and healthier) and a “joining” church (usually smaller) rather than between two equal churches. 2. The majority of mergers are initiated by the joining church. 3. All mergers are not alike. Most are rebirths (restart), few are marriages (healthy… More

Considering Merging?

December 18, 2011

It’s a new day for church mergers. They may be called by many names but the core idea is two or more churches becoming one through the combining, integrating and unifying of people, structures, systems, and resources to achieve a common purpose: doing life and ministry together as a vibrant, healthy expression of Christ’s body, the Church. The merging of churches is a delicate dance where one leads and the other follows. Most church mergers need a facilitator that both congregations can trust, who knows how to facilitate the delicate conversations that has to occur for a successful merger. There are many potential benefits of a church merger, but there are many landmines to step… More

125 Tips for Multisite Churches

December 14, 2011

Going multisite is not for every church. It will not turn around a sick or dying church, but it can be an instrument to extend a healthy one. Multisite is not a growth engine, but it can be a vehicle for a growing church. Multisite is not a fad to jump on, but it has become a proven strategy to reproduce healthy, fruitful, growing churches. Find out more HERE.

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"Jim is one of the country’s leading thinkers on the multi-site movement."

Craig Groeschel – Lead Pastor

"With our Branch Creek Campus, LCBC Church is better positioned to reach more people with the good news of Jesus throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania. Having Jim Tomberlin at our side was a definite benefit..."

Lives Changed By Christ Church, Lancaster, PA
David Ashcraft – Senior Pastor

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future."

Northview Church
Steve Poe – Lead Pastor – Northview Church – Carmel, IN

"If the Holy Spirit is in it, Jim and his team can help you develop a plan to that honors God and everyone involved."

The Bridge Church Cleveland, GA
Patrick Ballington – Lead Pastor

"Not only did he bring a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom but he also helped to bring clarity to our strategy which will keep us healthy and growing well into the future. Jim brought to our team a pastor’s heart with a strategist’s mind for how to understand church growth through multisites."


"If your church is thinking about going multisite make sure you have Jim on your team."

Sagebrush Church
Todd Cook – Sagebush Community Church – Alberquerque, New Mexico

"Jim came along side Celebration Church from the very beginning of our multi-site journey. His insight, strategy, and understanding of what it takes to be a healthy church was huge to us as we began this new journey. Since partnering with Jim, we’ve gone from one church meeting in a single location, to five campuses meeting throughout Wisconsin."

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