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Multi-Sightings Articles

Leadership Network 2018 Sur...

Are your best staff vulnerable because your church’s pay package is not competitive? How much of your church’s budget should g... More
Apr. 10, 2018

Multisite Vision Video – Chr...

On Super Bowl Sunday Christ Church Oak Brook in the western suburbs of Chicago, launched their first multisite “branch” in Downers Grove, IL, about t... More
Apr. 03, 2018

Small Town Multisiting

Guest Article by Andy Addis – Courtesy of Christianity Today Bringing big church opportunities to small communities. “Honestly, I think you’re crazy.” That was the conver... More
Mar. 13, 2018

5 Trends in Microchurche...

Guest Article by Warren Bird courtesy of  Outreach Magazine.   If you were a parent at Northland Church just... More
Mar. 01, 2018

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